The NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework brings about necessary and fundamental change to the sector.
In this action packed half day workshop we will:

  • Explore the background and intent of the Framework to keep perspective - understanding the why is fundamental is getting the what right.
  • The domains of the Quality and Safeguarding Framework: Developmental, Preventative and Corrective
  • The many roles of the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission
  • The key changes for providers across the Commission functions - Registration, Code of Conduct, Complaints, Reportable Incidents, Behaviour Support, Worker Screening and Orientation Module
  • An overview of the auditing framework - Modules, Practice Standards, Participant Outcomes and Quality Indicators
  • Meaningful Quality Systems - from compliance to outcomes
  • Risk management that is proportionate and tailored
  • Engagement and organisation wide quality

Stick around for our afternoon workshop to learn how to avoid audit anguish.

Lots of organisations are stressing about audits, ironically often to the detriment of service quality. Audit Prep: Smarter Not Harder runs from 1:30pm - 4:30pm and explores how to ace the audit without the stress and chaos.

9:30am - 12:30pm


March 24
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April 2
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April 8
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April 17
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May 5
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May 22
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Sunshine coast

May 28
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Jessica Quilty

Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, Canberra, Sunshine Coast

Jess has worked in the community space for almost 2 decades across a broad range of roles including direct care, case management, coordination/management, quality assurance, policy, training, tender writing and as an unpaid carer. Her diverse experience has strengthened her flexible communication style, capacity to process, map and empathise with people interacting with the social, community and health systems at different points. 

Jess takes a thorough and methodical approach to interpreting complex funding and audit guidelines, pre-empting questions and identifying any gaps in an organisation's position. Jess doesn’t talk like a typical QA officer though, she has vast experience producing documentation and systems that break down legislation and policy and believes that if quality and safeguarding arrangements are going to have effect they need to work on the ground. The stuff Jess produces is clear, simple to use, drives organisational efficiency and, most importantly, leads to better service. 

Ann Drieberg


Ann is the very model of a modern Major General, a woman who gets stuff done at DSC with serious NDIS commercial smarts and an inimitable straightforward style. She has worked in the disability, mental health, and aged care sectors for over 25 years in a diverse range of management roles for both not-for-profit and for-profit organisations. Prior to joining DSC, Ann led the transition of a national organisation to the NDIS, developing Core, Capacity Building & SDA services in trial and rollout sites. Ann has first-hand experience with system and process review, acquisitions, the integration of merged/acquired services and the NDIS registration process across four states,

Ann has established and run a number of social enterprises and her experience includes designing, creating and implementing new services and products across employment, accommodation, community inclusion and training.


9:30am - 12:30pm
(We are running a separate Audit Prep workshop in the afternoon on the same day)


$380 + GST per person


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National Quality and Safeguarding Framework
National Quality and Safeguarding Framework
National Quality and Safeguarding Framework
National Quality and Safeguarding Framework
National Quality and Safeguarding Framework

National Quality and Safeguarding Framework